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News F-Zero GX inspired racer Extreme Gravity Rage comes to Kickstarter


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Indie developer Next Generation Games have added their F-Zero GX inspired futuristic racer Extreme Gravity Rage to Kickstarter.

Extreme Gravity Rage is being developed for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U platforms (and could possibly be released for the Nintendo NX) and has a current release date of May, 2017. The racer will feature 20 tracks, 30 different racing craft, split-screen for up to 4 players, online multiplayer where as many as 16 can get in on the action and the title will run at 1080p resolution and at a beautiful 60 frames per second.

Gameplay will be kept simple with 3 lap races on offer, initially your boost function will be disabled however crossing the start/finish line to start the second and third laps will enable your speed boost for some extra speed. Your boost can be refilled on track during the race according to the development team.

You can view the Kickstarter trailer for Extreme Gravity Rage below.

If twenty tracks weren't enough, Next Generation will also be adding a track editor which will enable you to share your tracks online. There will also be a machine editor which allows you to choose between several machine parts, such as “cockpit”, “body” and “boost” for your racing craft.

Extreme Gravity Rage will feature several game modes as you might expect. The main focus is on the Grand Prix mode which tasks you to win all five championship cups which feature 4 race tracks each. Elsewhere you can play in the Gravity Rage mode which is all about eliminating your foes and the Team Battle mode will allow you to race as a team consisting of 8 members. Furthermore Next Generation will be adding more modes in the future.

Check out the first images for Extreme Gravity Rage in the gallery below.

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