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Alan Boiston

Founder & Website Editor

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Over the past 10 years Team VVV has worked to cover just about every racing title to some degree, and in that time we’ve seen a massive expansion within the genre. More titles, greater investment, a growing audience and all round improved stature for the genre.

Driven by passion, it has taken a lot of work to grow, but now in an effort to cover more titles it’s not just about one racer covering everything. To maintain the detail expected we need players dedicated to their particular aspect of the genre, and that means expanding the team.

We’re looking for YouTuber’s, Writers and Streamers, and if you would like to join Team VVV, see your videos appear on the Team VVV channel, see games pre-release, play them before anyone and generally share your racing passions. Then we’d like to hear from you.

It’s not a paid role, we all do this for the passion of what we do, but where possible games, dlc, equipment and travel costs are provided and rest assured a lot of key industry people will be seeing our work.

We currently have several opportunities. 

Sim Racing Genre and PC Racing Video Contributor: We’re looking for a sim racing enthusiasts. Covering titles such as R3E, Rfactor 2, Assetto Corsa, iRacing and Auto Mobilista. Including updates on mods. If this is your thing, get in touch.

Sim Racing Genre and PC Racing Wrtiter: As above but supporting the video guys in getting their content on TeamVVV.com and running the regular news on improvements, DLC and mods.

Console Racing Video Content Contributors: There are lots of console racing titles deserving of attention, with big brands such as Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon, Need For Speed, Gran Turismo  and The Crew to name but a few. If you’re a console racer serious about some or maybe all of these titles, get in touch.

Community Manager: If you want to build a career in Community Management or Social Media Management, you’ll need some experience first and this is a great opportunity to gain that experiences and with the potential of a sizable community.

General Gaming: A news section for the site with its own YouTube channel, this is a great opportunity to get into the games industry, meeting the publishers, getting behind closed doors, testing the lastest gaming content in lone with the other major publications. We’re looking for the following: Website Section Editor, 2x Staff Writers, 3x Video Producers.

Motorsports, F1 and Entertainment Writers: Growing sections on Team VVV, if either of these subjects interest you, get in touch. Motorsports writers may eventually access to motorsports pit and paddock areas, the opportunity is within reach but it’s a ton of work to get there.

VR Content. Alan love’s VR and wants to do more, loads more. So we’re looking for 2x writers, 2x Video Producers, as with the other roles and providing your content is up to scratch, you’ll be visiting VR events while playing all of the latest VR games and experiences.

Experience and Training

Written Content Applications

Video Content Applications

Training: Kevin is happy to instruct new writers to improve their skills, Alan is available to help video producers in adding a touch of polish to their video presentations. If you’ve not done video editing before, kick off with an Elgato HD60 and Adobe Premiere Elements, the only tools you’ll need.

Depending on your experience and available equipment, applicants will meet publishers and developers, see games early in development behind closed doors, get access to games pre-release and receive games to keep before the review embargoes. Building to this stage will take several months, so applicants will need to be dedicated in churning out the content whatever the weather, being dedicated and trustworthy to get their quality content out there in a timely fashion.

No rose tinted specs, its bloody hard work, whatever the weather, whatever your mood or what you’ve got going on. But ultimately all of the Team VVV staff have found it rewarding, read their experience.

James Allen – Associate Editor: CarBuzz

Ultimately applicants will get a look inside the games industry, a range of content for their portfolio and a reference after an agreed period that can determine their value and demonstrate their impact or success.

If you’re interested, contact us via the form telling us why you want to be a part of the team, what you would like to achieve out of your time at VVV and examples of work. Best of luck and I look forward to hearing from more passionate gaming fans.

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