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A new job listing for a future Evolution Studios project could be hinting at a return for their flagship PlayStation MotorStorm racing franchise. 

"Building on over 12 years at the forefront of PlayStation development, we’re now embarking on exciting new concepts that will push user experience, creativity, technology and productivity to incredible new heights," the blurb states.

The vacancy advertises a position for a C++ Graphics/Technology Programmer with a list of requirements including "creative passion and aptitude for both practical and innovative graphics development."


In addition, Evolution are seeking a C + + Applied Physics Programmer, with one particular requirement that hints heavily towards the prospect of a new MotorStorm: "Applied knowledge of a diverse array of physics and math intensive areas such as vehicle dynamics, rigid body physics, soft body physics, constrains, destruction, character ragdolls, character inverse kinematics, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, cloth simulation, etc."


MotorStorm has always been about admiring the ensuing destruction as racing lunatics jostle for position in just about every vehicle class you can think of, from rally cars and bikes to big rigs and monster trucks. If this does indeed turn out to be a future MotorStorm instalment, the mention of character rag doll physics implies a return to the same vehicle variety – watching your hapless rider tumble after a spectacular bike bail was always a highlight. 

MotorStorm was last seen in the form of MotorStorm RC, a spin-off title starring minature motors that showcased promising cross-compatibility with the PS3 and PS Vita. While a solid title that only cost about the same as a Terrys Chocolate Orange, it deviated from the series' destructive norm, delivering an experience more akin to Micro Machines. 

In contrast, MotorStorm Apocalypse, released on the PS3 in 2011, upped the destructive ante by staging races in an urban city in the midst of a devestating, full-scale earthquake that had you not only battling with your opponents, but the dynamically decaying city. It also proved a treat for early 3D TV adopters, as you dodged collapsing buildings, derailing trains and even a coastal tornado in a series of spectacular set-pieces.

Unfortunate timing with the real-life Japanese quake at the time meant that MotorStorm Apocalypse was delayed at the last minute, which led to poor sales and a lack of advertising.

It's reassuring, then, to learn that Sony still seem to be fully supporting Evolution despite MotorStorm Apocalypse's poor performance. Here's hoping that the project turns out to be a PS4 launch title, which would make sense given that the original MotorStorm launched alongisde the PS3. Plus it would appease Sumo Digital's Gareth Wilson's theory on next generation racing games. 

Are you looking forward to the prospect of a new MotorStorm title or should Evolution Studios concentrate on a new IP? If we had our way, we'd get them back on developer duties for WRC but that's another story. Let us know by leaving a comment below or message us on our Facebook page

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