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News Eutechnyx sells NASCAR game license to DMi Games, NASCAR ’16 announced


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Developer DMI Games, a studio based in the home NASCAR in Charlotte, North Carolina, has announced that work on a new NASCAR game is underway for release in 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. 

What's significant here is that it's the first game in the series not to be developed by Eutechnyx since 2010, who confirmed today that an offer has been accepted for DMI to acquire assets of the NASCAR game license. Assets such as the tracks and cars of the previous games were acquired as part of the deal, giving the developers a head start in the development of NASCAR '16. DMi also acquired several existing NASCAR-licensed games including NASCAR Manager, which will be re-released soon.

NASCAR '15 will still be released by Eutechnyx this year, but it will arrive as downloadable a season update for NASCAR '14 this Spring for all platforms rather than a full-blown sequel. 

DMI Games already has significant racing pedigree. Its company President, Ed Martin, was previously a Director at EA overseeing the EA Sports NASCAR game series, before joining NASCAR Manager to manage its business side. 

Eutechnyx CEO, Darren Jobling said, “We are extremely proud that, back in 2010, Eutechnyx adopted an innovative approach to the NASCAR franchise. We brought new levels of authenticity and previously unseen styles of gameplay, applying our expertise to the hugely involved world of stock car racing. We’ve widened the accessibility of NASCAR games to fans worldwide, from console and PC into the emergent world of mobile and tablet gaming. We’re confident that in passing the baton to DMi, NASCAR Team Properties has the ideal partner to build on our success and set their platform for continued growth.”

The takeover certainly sounds like a logical step that will benefit both parties. A US developer taking on the NASCAR series makes more sense, leaving Eutechnix to fully focus on AutoClub Revolution, which is apparently due receive a major 2.0 upgrade this year. 

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