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News European GT Academy 2013/2014 finalists cannot win the 2015 competition


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Game: Gran Turismo 6

Platform: PS3

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 05/12/2013

A controversial rule change to Gran Turismo 6's European 2015 GT Academy competition means that anyone that competed in either 2013's or 2014's territory finals will not be allowed to progress past the online stage of the 2015 competition. The rule reads:

1.3 – To enter this Competition, each Entrant must:
(j) not have competed at a GT Academy Territory Finals (or equivalent or similar stages in any jurisdiction) in the 2013 and/or 2014 GT Academy competition

Gran Turismo fansite GT Planet contacted the organisers at the GT Academy competition and got an explanation for the rule change:

GT Academy is constantly trying to evolve its programme and in doing so offer opportunity to new talent. As a result we have taken the very difficult decision to no longer include 2013 and 2014 National European finalists beyond the online competition as we were seeing a number of the same faces at national final stage.

It seems like a reasonable explanation, although this will outrage those that were looking to go one step further this year having got so far the previous year. Due to data protection laws in Europe those that have competed in the competition between the years of 2008-2012 will be treated like first time participants and are able to enter the competition this year with no problems whatsoever. 

So although it will disappoint a few people, it paves the way for fresh talent and overall I think that can only be a good thing, what do you make of the somewhat controversial rule change?

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