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News Euro Truck Simulator meets Jalopy in “Transmission”


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Game: Transmission

Platform: PC

Publisher: Sea Green Games

Release Date: 2020

Transmission is an upcoming PC driving title which has been described by the developer as Euro Truck Simulator meets Jalopy…on a rainy summer night…in 1986.

Currently scheduled for a Q1 2020 release on Steam, Transmission puts you in the shoes of a courier who meets a range of unusual customers whose packages you must deliver across the region through the night.

The game features a striking art style coupled with a relaxing synth wave soundtrack to provide a hypnotizing atmosphere, check out the trailer below.

Since this game is set in 1986, you won’t have the luxury of a sat nav. Instead, you must rely on your map along with a host of street signs to find your destination. Naturally, you’ll be awarded less money should you run late making punctuality a key aspect.

As you progress you will have the chance to unlock new garages and cars which will, in turn, enable you to travel further to complete more lucrative contracts as you build and expand your delivery business.

You can view a range of Transmission images in the gallery below.

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