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News Endurance Series DLC and free ‘Anniversary Update’ released for Motorsport Manager


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Long-distance endurance racing has arrived in Motorsport Manager, courtesy of a new DLC pack released for the management simulator title.

As the premium add-on's name suggests, the Endurance Series DLC tasks players with managing an LMP1-esque racing team over longer-distance races that can last up to nine hours in length. Players will also need to manage the stints of the team of six drivers, and strategically organising the drivers' stint schedules in order to maximise the performance of the car.

Complementing the Endurance Series DLC content is a revised pit stop system that's available to all Motorsport Manager players via the most recent 'Anniversary Update'. On top of introducing a new element to managing pit crews (namely the ability to hire and fire pit crew members), the free update also introduces the chances of pit-related calamaties occurring during races – with the most extreme example cited so far being raging fires in the player's pit box.

The Endurance Series DLC and the Anniversary Update for Motorsport Manager are now available for players to download and install. At time of writing, the Endurance Series content retails for £5.99 on the UK Steam Store.


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