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News Electric GT Championship teases upcoming ‘Virdual Race’ competition


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The Electric GT Championship has released the first teaser media for an upcoming presumed esports event.

Little is known about this complementary 'Virdual Race', other than it'll task entrants to race against other Electic GT Championship drivers in some capacity.

The event will also require participants to run in a simulated version of a race-prepared Tesla Model S P100D – the only car currently being used in the Electic GT Championship. 

Currently, the only confirmed motorsports venue for this 'Virdual Race' series is the Circuit de Catalunya. That being said, the reference to a 'Virdual champion' in the official announcement does suggest multiple races and venues will make up this competition.

At time of writing, it's unknown what sort of software is being used to underpin this 'Virdual Race;. However, a multi-platform title is likely, on the basis of the official statement confirming this event will be "coming to your PC and console".

More details on the Electic GT Championship's 'Virdual Race' series will be disclosed in the coming months.

The Electric GT Championship is an all-new motorsports series that, as its name suggests, is exclusively eligible for closed cockpit electric cars. Set to commence in November 2017 at the Circuit Paul Ricard, the inaugural season of the Electic GT Championship will be contested by 10 teams and 20 drivers, with the season concluding eight rounds later in October 2018 at what is expected to be the Circuit de Catalunya.

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