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Racing fans attending EGX this year probably had the likes of Forza Motorsport 6 and Need for Speed high on their agenda, but ridiculously long queues meant you were lucky to get on anything else. Case in point: it took me about two hours to get onto Star Wars: Battlefront. I could have watched one of the films in that time.

Tucked away on the Nintendo stand attracting significantly smaller crowds, but no less worthy of your attention, was Fast Racing Neo, a futuristic racing game inspired by WipEout and F-Zero developed by Shinen Games exclusively for the Wii U.

As the name implies, Fast Racing Neo is about racing, and racing fast. On that front, you certainly can’t fault its achievements: running at a constant 60fps, Shinen has done well to harness the power of the Wii U to create a blistering sense of speed that will melt your eyeballs.

Comparisons to WipEout and F-Zero are inevitable, but what sets Fast Racing Neo apart is its unique gameplay mechanic in which you must match the thrust colour of your craft to the corresponding boost pads to keep up the fast pace – fail to do so will cause some temporary slowdown. Couple this with some inventive track design with obstacles to dodge, and you really have to concentrate to get into a rhythm, yet the game still manages to be accessible.

Alan managed to record a gameplay session of Fast Racing Neo at the show whilst chatting to Art Director Martin Sauter, who provides further insight.

You can also look forward to an extended discussion with Martin as part of an upcoming feature on the TeamVVV website.

Could Fast Racing Neo be the Wii U’s answer to F-Zero? We’ll find out when it lands on the Wii U Eshop later this year in December.

Fast Racing Neo is part of a recent resurgance of anti-gravity racers, including RedOut and Formula Fusion – you can find out more about the latter in our first look preview.

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