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News E3 2017: Exploring The Crew 2’s vast open world in cars, planes and boats


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Game: The Crew 2

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 29/06/2018

Out of all the racing games shown at E3 2017, The Crew 2 was arguably one of the biggest surprises. The original MMO open world racer was massive in scale, and the sequel will build on the foundation with the introduction of boats and planes to add even more diversity to the vehicle variety as part of the game's new focus on motorsports.

While we were surprised to see that the sequel will once again be set in a huge open world recreation of the United States rather than a new location (who else was hoping we would be road tripping in Europe?), the map has been redesigned to incorporate the new vehicle types, allowing you to race on rooftops in supercars, across rivers in powerboats and soar through the skies in acrobatic planes.

We managed to get a hands-on with the game at E3 racing a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and the visual improvements are abundantly clear which is a particularly impressive feat when you consider the map is over 2,000 square miles. As with the last game, you'll be able to switch between any vehicle you own on the fly, meaning you can jump into a plane or boat at any time while free roaming. 

You can't help but wonder whether next year's inevitable Forza Horizon sequel will follow a similar direction and add planes and boats to compete with The Crew 2. You can look forward to more hands-on coverage of The Crew 2 from E3 2017 coming shortly. 

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