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News Dynamic tracks coming to iRacing on September 8


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Game: iRacing

Platform: PC

Publisher: iRacing.com Motorsport Simulations

Release Date: 26/08/2008

Starting September 8, all of iRacing's 70-plus racing tracks will feature the new dynamic race track feature.

This means that the tracks in iRacing will continually evolve during the duration of a race based on weather conditions and the amount of rubber laid onto the track from the tyres of the cars. This groundbreaking new feature will replace the current static tracks found in iRacing and will no doubt start a future trend in the racing genre.

“Although iRacing has always had groundbreaking, accurate laser scanned tracks, they have not been living, breathing objects like ‘real world’ tracks.  Those days are now gone,” commented Steve Myers, executive vice president and executive producer at iRacing.com.  “Now the racing groove you see on the track will be the actual virtual rubber that is on the racing surface.   And as a race progresses, the grip level of every inch of the track will evolve dynamically based on the weather and the actions of the drivers, cars and tires – exactly like tracks in real world racing.”

As a race progresses data of the location of every car on the track is sent to a server which then transmits that data into cells within the race tracks surface. Effectively the server is adding grip to the track as it gets more and more rubbered-in, this process is completely dynamic the iRacing dev team assure us.

Also heavily affecting the track surface is weather, iRacing.com explain: “We have even gone as far as modeling the albedo effect which influences how much heat will go into the track surface by the position of the sun and the actual “darkness” of the pavement. A light colored concrete, for example, will reflect more energy than a very dark pavement, and the shadowed areas of the track will now be cooler than those sections in the direct sunlight.”

The very exciting dynamic tracks will debut in iRacing on Tuesday, September 8 and so you have the perfect excuse to try out the simulator if you haven't yet or if you haven't played it for a little while. Do you think this will start a new trend in racing videogames?

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