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News Drone racing sim Thick Air glides onto Steam Greenlight


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Russian indie studio PeopleGottaPlay have launched their sci-fi drone racing sim Thick Air on Steam's Greenlight programme and are now asking players to vote on whether they would buy the title if it came to Steam.

Thick Air drone racing sim PC canyon screenshot gameplayAll going well Thick Air should make an appearance on Steam Early Access at some point in September. The game features a physics-based flying model, competitive AI and VR support. Game modes include single player race, single player career mode, head-to-head split screen duels and online multiplayer.

Thick Air features a number of race events including circuit, sprint, duel, stunt, sudden death and more. The VR experience is completely optional and the development team have tested the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets which work “perfectly”.

Furthermore PeopleGottaPlay have plans to introduce visual and mechanical damage, performance tuning, visual customisation (with skins, decals and vinyls planned) and upgrades, a free roam mode and HOTAS joystick support.

Each drone has different performance stats: engine power, rotation speed, steering speed, maneuverability and weight. Every drone therefore will feel different and have their own unique characteristics which will suit different play styles.

Drones have pitch, roll and yaw controls along with vertical and horizontal maneuvering thrusters, you can view Thick Air's Greenlight trailer below.

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