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News Driving down memory lane with the classic OutRun


Kevin Dooley


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Our very next trip down memory lane brings us to the arcade classic OutRun. Instead of looking at the coin-op version, we boot up the surprisingly good Sega Megadrive version of 1991 in its place.

It still surprises us to this day that the game was able to feature a car that looked strikingly similar to a certain Italian sports car and not run into any licensing issues, having said that Table Top Racing: World Tour's cars are similarly accurate to the real-world marques and somehow avoid any trouble.

OutRun's difficulty is the stuff of legend compared to modern games, one crash and it's pretty much game over: don't expect to make the checkpoints in time. We complete the title and drive through many different locations listening to the not quite arcade quality soundtrack along the way.

You can take a trip down memory lane with us with OutRun on the Megadrive in the video below.

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