DriveClub's sales boosted up to 999% on Black Friday - Team VVV

News DriveClub’s sales boosted up to 999% on Black Friday


Martin Bigg


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

DriveClub has had its fair share of bad press since its release thanks to its persistent server issues, so it's refreshing to be reporting on something positive concerning Evolution's still-stalled racer.

Last week's Black Friday discount day brought riots across Tesco stores nationwide and a huge spike in game sales. DriveClub fared particularly well, with sales rising to as much as 999%. Unsurprisingly, the game alone wasn't enough to raise such astronomical figures – it was part of a discounted PS4 bundled slashed to £289.99. That's  £100 less than its usual asking price, yet surprisingly DriveClub only managed to shift up to 8th position in the sales charts. Having said that, it was languishing in 33rd the week before.   

Of course, this isn't indicative of DriveClub's popularity as anyone looking to buy a PS4 would have snapped it up on impulse with such an attractive saving regardless of which game it was bundled with (though perhaps not if Knack was the game in question), but having more copies of DriveClub in people's disc drives can only be a good thing – at least until the uninitiated learn of the game's broken online. Still, hopefully the added install base will help revitalise the community, which is essential to realise DriveClub's full socially-connected potential.  

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