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News DriveClub won’t be a PS4 launch title in Japan after all


Martin Bigg


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

Rumours that DriveClub was going to be released as launch title for the PS4 in Japan on February 22nd got our hopes up that it wouldn't be too long until we can get our hands on the PS4's premier racer. Turns out this was indeed a rumour, as it's now been confirmed that DriveClub has been delayed in Japan, thus missing the launch of the console in the region.

In quite possibly the vaguest PR response imaginable, Japanese site Inside Gamers report that Sony Japan are citing "various reasons" for the delay.

Meanwhile, Evolution remain resolutely silent on the matter, and have been since DriveClub was first delayed back in October, where it was originally meant to launch with the PS4 worldwide. 

It remains unclear if this will affect the eventual European release however, so for now we're still going by "early 2014" as the target release for DriveClub until we hear otherwise. Hopefully the ESRB rating confirmation was an indicator that this remains the case.

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