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News DriveClub was the UK’s best selling racing game of 2014


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

A definitive list has been released detailing the 100 best selling games of 2014, revealing that DriveClub was the best selling racing game of the year. 

You can probably predict the podium spots, with the usual suspects of COD, FIFA and GTA dominating the top three spots, while new IPs Destiny and Watch Dogs placed in the top five. Meanwhile, DriveClub placed at 19 in the overall sales.

It's a double win for DriveClub, too, as it was also the best selling exclusive game of 2014, despite its notorious online issues. It should be noted, however, that the figures do not take digital sales or digital-only titles into consideration, so a big part of DriveClub's success can be attributed to heavily discounted PS4 bundle sales on Black Friday which saw its sales rise up to 999%

DriveClub's victory was followed closely by Forza Horizon 2, which came in just two places behind DriveClub at 21. The Crew, on the other hand, came in at position 26 – a respectable achievement considering it was a late entry released at the end of the year in December.

Scouring through the list for other racing releases, we find Mario Kart 8 in at number 30, while some of 2013's most notable racing releases are still proving popular – Forza Motorsport 5 placed at 42 , while Gran Turismo 6 arrived at 65, along with Sonic & All Stars Racing at 74, Mario Kart 7 at 76 . Meanwhile Trials Fusion languished at 95.

Are you surprised by any of these results? Let us know in the ocmments below.

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