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News DriveClub VR demo shown at Paris Games Week


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

Turns out DriveClub Bikes wasn't the only surprise reveal from Evolution at Sony's Paris Games Week. During a presentation behind closed doors, the developer showcased a DriveClub VR tech demo running on Sony's PlayStation VR headset.

The tech demo featured a BAC Mono in a circuit race on one of the game's India tracks. Interestingly, in order to run on PlayStation VR, DriveClub was optimised to 60fps compared to the standard game's locked 30fps.

Unsurprisingly, the increased frame rate meant that cutbacks had to be made to the visual fidelity: track side detail and weather effects were scaled back, the car count in races was reduced from twelve to eight, and the demo also lacked working rear view mirrors, although Evolution hopes to add them in the future. Evolution deliberately locked the frame rate to 30fps in DriveClub to pack in as much visual detail as possible, and the result is still one of the best looking racing games on console. 

Before you get too excited, DriveClub VR is still just a prototype for now, and PlayStation VR support has yet to be officially announced. However, Evolution have hinted it could develop into something more: "We've got plans for the next six months," DriveClub's Game Director Paul Rustchynsky told Eurogamer. "We're going to be releasing more content, more updates and more features. We'll keep that going. DriveClub VR? At the moment it's just a prototype. We don't know what we're going to do with that just yet. If it gets good reception here – which I think it will – I think that could turn into something more than just a tech demo."

As we know, racing games are a natural fit for VR technology as you can physically look into the apex, so it shouldn't be surprising to see DriveClub getting the VR treatment considering it's currently Sony's flagship PS4 racing game. It wasn't too long ago, however, that Sony's Shuhei Yoshida dismissed Evolution's first attempt at DriveClub VR, so it's good to see they appear to have overcome these setbacks a year later.  

Would you like to see DriveClub running on PlayStation VR?

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