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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

Last year, DriveClub was set to be one of the PS4's key launch titles. As we know, this didn't happen, and the social-centric racer has since been rescheduled to race off the line this October – nearly a year after its original planned release.

But what if you don't yet own a PS4? Or you were waiting patiently for DriveClub to roll out before taking the plunge? Sony has an obvious solution: the DriveClub PS4 hardware bundle.

Available in only European territories for now, the bundle was announced with a suggested retail price of €439.99, and includes a PS4 console and Dual Shock 4 controller along with DriveClub. Not a particularly earth-shattering bundle, then, but it seems like good value for money and should  give DriveClub some extra traction, as Sony seemingly have faith in it being a potential system seller for petrolheads. That and the need to make a return, given the extra development time, of course.  

Elsewhere, Evolution has released a few more snippets of gameplay action showcasing some work-in-progress dynamic weather effects first announced at E3. DriveClub is shaping up to be quite the stunner that showcases the PS4's untapped graphical prowess, and this latest showing is another case in point. Watch as the heavy rain showers obscure your vision and water droplets trickle down the bodywork:



It should be noted that dynamic weather won't be in the final game at launch, but will be patched in soon after. Expect it to be compared to Forza Horizon 2's weather effects on Xbox One. 

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