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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

Much mystery still surrounds Evolution Studio's pet project DriveClub, which represents their first foray into the next generation. While the team are keen to spout out corporate jargon about how DriveClub will revolutionise the racing genre with its suite of social community components, it's still unclear how the concept will work in-game.

It's a similar story with the driving mechanics. Videos of DriveClub have successfully swooned us with its alluring next generation makeup, but it's been difficult to gauge whether or not the physics live up to its unbridled beauty.   

Taken from an early build of the game (and by early, we really do mean early – we're told that this build is only 35% complete), we finally got a chance to capture a brief snippet of gameplay to see how DriveClub is shaping up in a time trial set in what looks like an open scenic Scottish route comparable to Forza Horizon's crisp canyon roads.

As our cameraman is taking for a spin in a McLaren MP4-12C, we let the developers provide some further insight into what lurks beneath DriveClub' complex chassis:


Early indications are looking promising indeed. Like Grid 2, DriveClub aims to meet somewhere in the middle between accessible arcade handling and a deep simulation model, and so far it's looking as if Evolution have struck that balance – it looks intuitive and fun to drive, but deep enough to catch you off-guard and cause you to spin wildly if your concentration lapses. 

There's still undoubtedly much work left for Evolution to do as the project gets continually refined and polished over the next few months ready for its next generation debut towards the end of the year – as ever you can keep up to date with the developments of DriveClub on the Team VVV website

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