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News DriveClub Bikes is getting a free EBR Expansion this month


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

Evolution Studios is fast becoming known as the developer that just keeps on giving. No sooner has the surprise DriveClub Bikes Expansion deployed and they've already dished out some details on yet more content coming  this month.  

On November 17th, owners of DriveClub Bikes will be able to download a free EBR Expansion, which Erik Buell Racing 1190RX, Erik Buell Racing 1190SX and EBR Tour Pack, which includes six new events and three trophies. 

In addition, on the same day DriveClub players will be able to download the All Stars Tour pack, whcih also includes six new events and three trophies.

Support for these expansions was added in today's 1.24 patch update, which added the long-requested private lobbies online multiplayer and a braking assist allowing novice players to better memorise tracks and braking points. 

Evolution still show no signs of slowing down, promising that new sprint tracks will be released every week up until Christmas, and we can expect to see a new easy difficulty mode for DriveClub Tour as well as more cars, bikes and tours.

Here are all the details of today's 1.24 update: 

» Private Lobbies have been introduced to Multiplayer, to play custom games with your friends online competitively or for fun.

» Introduces a new Multiplayer Accolade. Earn fame rewards for playing online via the event browser or with your friends in Private Lobbies.

» ELITE Driver Levels 76-80 have been added, with a new reward to unlock at each level.

» A new in-game store has been added to make finding add-ons for DRIVECLUB much easier.

» 2 new Sprint tracks for Glenmorgan (India) and Chungara Lake (Chile). 

» Includes general improvements for game performance, stability and usability.

Update 1.24 Add-ons will be available for download from PlayStation®Store on Nov 17 (worldwide):

» Adds support for the EBR Expansion (coming to PlayStation®Store as a free expansion for DRIVECLUB BIKES on Nov 17) – which includes the Erik Buell Racing 1190RX, Erik Buell Racing 1190SX and EBR Tour Pack.

» Adds support for the free All Stars Tour Pack (coming to PlayStation®Store as a free add-on for DRIVECLUB on Nov 17).

» Adds support for the EBR livery pack (coming to PlayStation®Store on Nov 17). The pack contains 5 new livery patterns to customise your bikes or cars with.

Important developments to be aware of (coming after 1.24):

» More Sprint tracks, every week until Christmas this year!

» Easy difficulty for Tour. 

» Extra customisation slots, to help you change between your designs more easily.
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