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News Drive drunk customers and deliver babies in Taxi Simulator


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Game: Taxi Simulator

Platform: PC

Publisher: PlayWay

Release Date: 2021

Taxi Simulator puts you in the shoes of a shady taxi driver whose profession is anything but routine.

Driving (drunk) through urban areas, you’ll pick up all manner of customers ranging from the drunk and horny, to the mafia who made need you to transport a tied up body or two.

Some customers will drop cash in the back of your taxi, it’s up to you whether you return it to them or keep it for yourself. Check out the crazy antics in Taxi Simulator with the announcement trailer below.

The trailer gives us a quick glimpse at some car customisation elements which enables us to change various body parts including wheels, bumpers, and rear wings. The trailer culminates with the transport of a heavily pregnant woman whose baby gets delivered by the taxi driver himself, I guess he wasn’t driving quickly enough.

Developed by Woodland Games, Taxi Simulator is currently slated for a 2021 Steam release.

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