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News Drive Any Track goes live on Steam Early Access


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Foam Entertainment's fast-paced music-based racing game, Drive Any Track, has recently come to Steam Early Access. Drive Any Track or DAT is a racer that creates the tracks from the songs in your music library.

Versus and Choruses become checkpoints in the game and the environments themselves are generated in a certain style depending on the genre of your music track.

Drive Any Track is currently in alpha form and is undergoing development, the Steam Early Access version features the full handling mode, 12 standard cars, 2 Easter egg cars, and 3 genre styles.

The music-based racer is expected to stay in Early Access until October, 2015. Foam Entertainment hope to add a number of features to the game as listed below:

  • Fully polished art and skyboxes
  • Better real time lighting
  • Integration of in-game music linking / purchasing 
  • Further achievements
  • Survival gameplay mode
  • More genres environments, cars and liveries (pop, classical, jazz, country, reggae etc).
  • Additional stunts
  • Improved song name and title detection

The Early Access version of Drive Any Track can be found on Steam and will set you back £9.34, that includes a saving of 15%.

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