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News Drive Any Track coming to Early Access, new trailer


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Foam Entertainment have announced that their fast-paced music-based racing game, Drive Any Track, will be available to play on Steam Early Access on May 21.

Drive Any Track is a racing game which creates racetracks from the songs in your music library. The track is synced to your audio track and you'll need to effectively race your own music to succeed. Verses and choruses act as checkpoints and the environments and the cars are impressively styled to the genre of music you're currently playing. Along with this announcement Foam also released a new gameplay preview of the alpha version which can be viewed below.

Drive Any Track is expected to stay in Early Access until October with new builds periodically introduced. The Early Access version will come with three music genres – dance, rock and urban, and also has several unique cars and liveries including some secret cars that require unlocking.

We'll keep an eye on this game and keep you updated with all the latest developments. Preview screenshots in the gallery below.

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