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News Drive along while your friend builds the track in Can’t Drive This


Kevin Dooley


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In Can't Drive This, from independent game studio Pixel Maniacs, you'll be tasked to drive while your friends builds the track ahead of you. If your speed happens to drop below 20mph you'll explode so you must keep your momentum up.

Can't Drive This can currently be found on Steam Greenlight and the title has even managed to feature in the top 50. As a result the development team have added water to proceedings which should makes things even tougher.

Currently you can get behind the wheel of a large truck and a buggy with more vehicles being developed. Gameplay looks very simple and fun and I can imagine it would be great to play with friends particularly on the sofa in local co-op mode. You can see what Can't Drive This is all about in the Steam Greenlight trailer below.

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