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News DiRT Rally PC update includes telemetry statistics


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Game: Dirt Rally

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 07/12/2015

It seems like Codemasters haven't forgotten about the PC DiRT Rally players in light of the recent console release.

Indeed a new PC update (version 1.1) has been made available recently which includes a new telemetry tool known as CREST. This is an acronym of Codemasters RaceNet Evaluation and Statistics (also available for console players through the official website) and it enables players to compare their ghost times to the fastest ghosts on the leaderboards.

The comparison actually covers a range of information including sector times, racing line, braking, acceleration, speed and which gear is currently selected. You can view your ghost from a top-down viewpoint and even slow down time so you can really study your lines and performance if you so wish.

Furthermore you can filter players by assists used to obtain more accurate comparisons, and if that wasn't enough you can even access your data via mobile devices according to Codemasters. You can view the full version 1.1 changelog below.

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DiRT Rally PC version 1.1 changelog

• Game – A stock engineer team are now used in the Service area for Online Events to prevent some players gaining an advantage. This will also occur in Leagues depending on the settings used. 

• Achievement Fix – “I am the 5%” unlocking criteria has now been made clearer. 

• UI Fix – Controller disconnection message is now always showing on top of whichever screen you are on at that time. 

• AI Fix – In a Hillclimb event, the AI drivers will now place correctly if they Terminally Damage in their second run. 

• Game Fix – Fixed an issue where a player takes 2 joker laps in a row and then their 2nd Joker lap icon disappears due to the AI driver entering the Joker lap. 

• Controls – Players can no longer accidently unbind ‘Gear Up’ and ‘Gear Down’ controls when re-assigning buttons if they have their preferential transmission set as Automatic. 

• COMMUNITY – Animations – Drivers are now shifting correctly when using either of the F2 Kit Cars. 

• COMMUNITY – Reset Lines – Some reset lines around the tight hairpins on the Monte carlo stage, Route de Turini, have been replaced. 

• Graphics – Corrected an issue where the wrong car kickup VFX was incorrectly being used after completing a stage in Greece. 

• Exploit – Possible shortcut on the German stage Flugzeugring has been removed. 

• Graphics – Lighting issues should now be resolved when using a system with 3+ graphics cards in use. 

• Replays – Car reset points are now the same when viewing a replay as they are in game, removing the possibility of collision issues when watching a replay in slow motion. 

• Game – Hillclimb – AI drivers who terminally damage in their 2nd run will now be correctly placed in the final results screen. 

• Leaderboards – Players who use a non-standard character as the first letter of their driver name will now be shown correctly in an events leaderboard. 

• Languages – Brazilian Portuguese and Russian added to the game. 


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