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Game: Dirt Rally

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 07/12/2015

After our extensive F1 2015 coverage over the past couple of weeks we return to some DiRT Rally action.

We sample the recently released 'Tarmac Terrors' pack add-on as we head over to one of the stages in Baumholder, Germany for a quick sprint stage. Alan notices just how fast the action is, which is something he found was lacking a little in previous gameplay videos you may remember.

Visually I think its fair to say this game looks stunning, the stage starts in a dense forest section with a narrow road which gives a decent sense of danger and good feeling of speed. The tall tress either side of you cast their shadows onto the tarmac and it all looks very nice indeed.

Coming out of the forest section we are greeted with a very realistic looking open environment with fields around you and the occasional group of spectators. Even in these more open sections there's still a decent sense of speed and danger.

Alan is forced to drive aggressive here but manages to keep it all together nicely for a decent clean run. DiRT Rally is shaping very nicely indeed, all we need now is the console announcement, which is apparently coming once the PC version is complete. We've got more DiRT Rally gameplay coming very soon, check out our latest DiRT Rally gameplay video below and leave us with your thoughts in the comments.

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