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We sample some of DiRT Rally's new Rallycross content in the first of two content packs which was released recently. Alan is using the Team VVV triple-screen setup which gives the game a great sense of speed.

We take part in several races at England's Lydden Hill followed by more races at Höljes, Sweden. The difficulty has been set to hard although Codemasters admit that the competition will be on the easy side for now as they continue to develop the AI to make for tougher opponents.

Along with the Lyddon Hill and Höljes tracks, the first Rallycross update for DiRT Rally comes with three cars: the Ford Fiesta WRX, Volkswagen Polo Rallycross and the Peugeot 208 WRX.

Codemasters announced recently that the second of the two Rallycross content packs will be available soon and will contain, along with more Rallycross goodness, online competitive play for the first time. Check out the DiRT Rally Rallycross gameplay below.

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