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News DiRT 5 trailer reveals raft of new features


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Game: DiRT 5

Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, XBox One

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 06/11/2020

The anticipation is certainly hotting up for DiRT 5. Following the high profile reveal with the announcement for the Xbox Series X conversion, we swiftly moved to an early and very positive hands-on. But despite those positive impressions, the jury is still out as to the final content expected. Today Codemasters unleased their latest DiRT 5 trailer, entitled the ‘Features Trailer’ this busts the game wide open, while also revealing impressive improvements to visuals.

Visuals are colourful and vibrant, none more so than the newly revealed Gymkhana arena, which looks more like something out of Tron than the usual racing environment. This is great, good to see artistic ideas explored in a positive and brave way.

Now confirmed, DiRT 5 will officially include 13 car classes in total, covering front, rear and 4WD. DiRT 5 officially features more game modes than any previous iteration, let’s hope there’s enough content in each aspect to keep us coming back. Codemasters have confirmed the following:

Landrush – Circuit-based, rough terrain with jolting jumps and technically challenging sections. Weather and track conditions change on-the-fly during the event to mix-up this pack race mode.

Rally Raid – Controlling machines built for extreme off-road, Rally Raid challenges are point to point with split routes, where drivers can grab some serious air.

Ice Breaker – As the name suggests, players battle short circuits that take place entirely on ice. Throttle control and precise drifting are crucial to master this mode.

Stampede – Hard, unforgiving natural landscape, built for rough-and-ready machines. The layout is unmarked with major undulations over mud and sand.

Path Finder – Another new game mode. Controlled speed and more strategy are the keys to success. Hardcore off-road terrain packed with steep jumps and rock-strewn paths.

Sprint – Amplified racing at its craziest. 900bhp, enormous wings and four different sized wheels. Left turns only on oval and circular tracks. One for the drifters.

Ultra Cross – Varied terrain and unpredictable circuit design. Classic rallycross amplified for the ultimate challenge.

Gymkhana – makes its welcome return for the first time since DiRT Showdown.  Gymkhana is as much about style, as it is about substance.

Some great modes, lots to explore while the addition of two and four player split screen options add to the social gaming aspect, it’s great to see split screen making a return.

In a rather interesting announcement: Codemasters is pleased to confirm that DIRT 5 will allow players who purchase the PlayStation 4 version to automatically upgrade free of charge when they switch to the PlayStation 5. This is great news and the perfect way to handle the transitional process to the new formats. The assumption being that PS4 and PS5 players will be able to go head to head even if cross platform play isn’t available.  DIRT 5 also supports Xbox Smart Delivery which offers the same free upgrade when Xbox One owners change to the Xbox Series X. XBox offering a similar service, we’ll be looking into this on a future article.

Dirt 5 is released October 9th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, followed shortly by Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. A Google Stadia version will be available early 2021.


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