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News DiRT 4’s track maker can make courses between 1-13km in length


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Game: DiRT 4

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 2019 (MacOS and Linux)

Codemasters Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman has recently revealed that DiRT 4‘s “Your Stage” course generator is able to output courses which range between 1-13km in length.

dirt 4 australia mitsubihsi lancer evolution 6This puts the longest tracks possible in DiRT 4 on par with those found in Codemasters other off-road racer DiRT Rally which is good news. The track generator will use the game’s five locations of Australia (heavy/medium gravel), Michigan (light gravel and dirt), Spain (smooth and broken tarmac), Sweden (frozen gravel with snow and ice) and Wales (heavy/medium wet gravel) as a base and will enable players to craft a number of randomly generated tracks based off of the player’s chosen parameters.

The track generator is limited to rally stages only so don’t go expecting the ability to create any extra rallycross stages, which is admittedly a bit of a shame considering DiRT 4 will launch with just 5 rallycross stages (that’s only Loheac and Montalegre on top of the three carried over from DiRT Rally).

Codemasters are clearly very excited with their “Your Stage” course generator technology which has thrown up some interesting tracks which Codemasters themselves wouldn’t have dreamed up which is a mouth-watering prospect. I believe it’s fair to expect Codemasters to continue to develop and improve the course generator for use in future titles which will be interesting to see.

We won’t have long to wait to test the feature as DiRT 4 will release on June 9 for the PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC platforms, we’ll have more on DiRT 4 shortly.

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