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News Dirt 3 Complete Edition now on Steam, free for existing Dirt 3 PC players


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While we wait for the belated announcement of Dirt 4, Codemasters has given DiRT 3 a new lease of life by finally making the PC version support Steamworks after considerable pressure from the community, as it previously ran on Games for Windows Live. 

As an added bonus, Codemasters are upgrading all existing owners of Dirt 3 on PC to the Complete Edition, which is now available on Steam. "As a thank you for your patience over this last year we’ll be upgrading everybody who owns DiRT 3 to the DiRT 3 Complete Edition, which will include all of our DLC for no extra cost," a post on the official Codemasters blog read.

Anyone who has the GFWL version in their Steam library should have instant access to the Complete Edition DLC, while those with boxed PC copies can use their cd key to activate the game on Steam.

Those who originally purchased Dirt 3 on Steam will still have access to the old GFWL edition in their library, which will continue to work as normal. Unfortunately, there is a slight snag: save files for the Complete Edition are not cross compatible. "Due to the differences with the two versions unfortunately your save files will not be compatible with each other," Codemasters said. "We know it sucks and we are sorry but it was unavoidable."

It may now be nearly four years old, but Dirt 3 has certainly aged well, and is still immensely enjoyable to play – particularly if you have access to a swanky triple screen setup. 


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