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News Details on Bus Simulator 16’s upcoming patch revealed


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Stillalive Studios have revealed details on the very next update coming to Bus Simulator 16 shortly.

The update has the usual general improvements and bug fixes but also features an additional story line which includes five new missions. Completing these five new missions award the player five new decals for your buses along with the standard money and fame rewards.

Stillalive have noted that those enjoying Bus Simulator 16 online will have to install the upcoming patch to continue to manage their bus company as a team. Currently the development team are testing the new features and updates on several systems so we can probably expect a release announcement very soon.

You can see the upcoming changes in the changelog below.

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Bus Simulator 16 upcoming update changelog

Mouse-steering as alternative input-scheme (this module also includes the mouse-invert checkbox for the control-settings)

Increase angle limits of camera-in-cockpit

Sitting position adjustable in-game and saved for every single bus type

Camera center action (can then be bound to a button)

GPS auto-rotation (arrow will always point up)

Sensitivity setting for keyboard steering

For laptops with Nvidia dedicated graphic cards, the game will automatically install a profile for the respective driver to force the computer to use the dedicated instead of the integrated card.

Rename bus routes (route number and name)

Indicator adjustments (automatic deactivation after the steering turned back again)

Curve look (the camera automatically "looks" into the curve while turning. Can be enabled/disabled in the options menu.)

Option to disable cashier

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