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News Details on’s West Coast USA map revealed


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The development team have recently revealed new details on their work in progress West Coast USA map expansion.

Beam.NG West Coast USA work in progress preview screenshotThe West Coast USA map will compliment the existing East Coast map and will also clock in at 2km x 2km in size. The West Coast map introduces a modern motorsports facility which will host the likes of drag, drift and dirt track events.

The West Coast environment features mountainous roads complete with switchbacks which are perfect for drifting, and city areas will also be included which are currently in their very early development stages. We can expect more on these areas to be revealed in the future.

Beam.NG West Coast USA work in progress preview screenshot

Furthermore the dev team are currently busy working on a unique vegetation set for the upcoming map which includes shrubs, grasses, trees and various other leafy goodness. is an early access PC game which was released on Steam in May of last year.

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