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News Destruction AllStars brings vehicular mayhem to the PS5


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Game: Destruction AllStars

Platform: PS5

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 05/02/2021

We are still recovering from the reveal of the PlayStation 5 console along with some truly amazing looking games. One such game that caught our interest was that of Destruction AllStars – a fast-paced arena-based vehicular combat title developed by Lucid Games which has staff who have worked on the WipEout series among others.

With the absence of any Twisted Metal games this generation we’re more than happy to see the vehicular combat genre will grace Sony’s next-generation console very early on.

Check out the vibe of Destruction AllStars in the announcement trailer below.

What surprises us the most is just how much of the trailer was focussed on competitors who were out of their (presumably broken) cars running around dodging incoming vehicles (or surfing on them) and explosions while attacking other on-foot rivals: clearly the on-foot action plays a major role in this title.

Damage on the varied vehicles looks very detailed in places: we see tons of flying bodywork and the odd wheel hurtling through the air. Elsewhere, environmental dangers such as a spinning turbine add to the chaos. Avatars look fully customisable (and amazingly obnoxious) and particle effects are thrown in by the bucketload to complete the aesthetic.

We’re keen to learn more about this intriguing title. For now, why not take a look at the newly released images in the gallery below.

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