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It's been 16 years since the original Death Rally blasted onto PC and practically pioneered the car combat genre, but it's now finally returning to its roots on August 3rd after a successful mobile port last year.

Original developer Remedy, known for Max Payne and more recently Alan Wake, will be fronting the reboot, which is said to have been entirely rebuilt for PC with a new graphics engine, optimised camera that retains the classic isometric view, a new career mode, a new "Savo" track and the return of the Shadow Man character from the original Death Rally.


The 1996 original proved to be a lethal combination of cars, guns and even Duke Nukem that has become a cult favourite among fans which led to the game being re-released as freeware in 2009. Its subsequent mobile remake last year was met with critical acclaim, reaching over 11 million downloads. 

This year has seen an interesting trend when it comes to car combat comebacks. Twisted Metal brought back its inimitably dark sense of humour to a new generation, Carmageddon Reincarnation managed to secure a high profile Kickstarter funding campaign that will see a release next year, and cult classic MASHED gained a spiritual successor in the form of Wrecked: Revenge Revisited. 

Death Rally will be available on August 3rd through Steam for $9.99. At such a higher price than the mobile port, we're expecting a significantly deeper game.

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