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News Darth Vader plays Kinect Star Wars Podracing


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Forget the blasphemous Intergalatic Dance Offs and fiddly lightsaber controls: Podracing is the real reason to play Kinect Star Wars.  

And if you don't believe us, Lord Vader temporarily took over VVV to give us a demonstration, reliving his youth in young Anakin's Podracer: 

In what feels like a nod to the classic Star Wars Episode 1: Racer on N64, Podracing is given its own story mode featuring tracks based in Bespin, Courascant and Boonta Eve on Tatooine from Episode 1. Each track is pleasingly faithful to the films, richly detailed and contain a series of shortcuts for good measure. Over 20 pods are available to pilot, and all the characters that only the nerdiest of nerds will recognise are prsent and correct – Ody Mandrell and Ben Quadinaros, aynone?

Mercifully, unlike other modes in Kinect Star Wars, the controls actually feel intuative yet accurate, whilst still offering a degree of challenge – you steer each engine by leaning and holding your arms out, thrusting them forwards to boost and releasing them to slow down, thus simulating you gripping the two control levers. It's just a pity you can't play on a controller, as it soon becomes tiresome even after just one race.   

Kinect Star Wars offers what is arguably the best racing experience on Kinect so far, encapsulating the same sense of speed and danger that made the Podracing sequence so thrilling to watch in Episode 1. Now if only we could get a proper remake of Episode 1 Racer… 

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