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News Criterion’s action sports title “Beyond Cars” still in development


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Criterion Games first teased us with their first-person action oriented racing game at E3 two years ago.

Going by the work in progress moniker of “Beyond Cars” the title featured ATV's helicopters, wing suits, speed boats and buggies. The footage shown at E3 2014 was surprisingly early code (see video below) and so perhaps it wasn't a massive surprise that the title wasn't shown at last year's E3.

However we all expected to see the title at this year's E3 and yet it was strangely absent. Not to worry though, Criterion Games have confirmed that the title is very much still development although Criterion have stated that the game has undergone some changes.

Executive VP at EA Patrick Soderland recently caught up with IGN and explained: "So, are they building the exact game that we announced two years ago? I would say no. It’s been changed a little bit. Are we still committed for them to build a new IP? Yes. They’re working on that. They’re working on the Battlefront VR, and a couple other things. They’re very much alive, working and kicking. That’s the risk you run when you show something in such an early stage of its life, that it’s going to end up changing as life goes by."

No details have been given regarding the changes the title has undergone so it's anyone's guess at this stage, we'll of course keep you up to date with “Beyond Cars” as soon as we know more.

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