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News Comparing Forza Horizon 4 across PC, Xbox One & Xbox One X


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Game: Forza Horizon 4

Platform: PC, XBox One

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Release Date: 02/10/2018

The Forza Horizon 4 demo has been out for a few days and the general consensus is that Playground Games have knocked it out of the park. Graphics, sound and handling are all superbly implemented. The production value throughout is top notch. This title also benefits from being presented in several different formats and screen detail options, I showcased this in my initial comparison of Xbox One X 4K 30fps Quality Mode vs 1080p 60fps Performance Mode. Suffice to say both look great, especially if you have a high quality 4K display, but for me it was the Performance Mode that really shone.

That smooth 60fps just feels so effortless on the XBox One X, it demonstrates the still unexplored potential of the current gen systems while granting a window to the future. The Xbox One X has never really been tested in terms of its true performance and there is so much going on here that impresses in terms of details and lighting. Following requests to include the standard Xbox One for further comparison I included that footage in the video below.

On the standard Xbox the image quality was lower, video segments stuttered, loading times appeared to be marginally longer but on the whole, it was all there. It is possible this was down to my Xbox and I would also expect slightly better performance on an Xbox One S. A tremendous achievement and it’s still amazing when you consider what both Turn 10 Studios and Playground games have managed to drag from the hardware. Onto the PC Version.

It was surprising how impressive the PC version really was, not only smoother but the experience just felt, faster, smoother and more intuitive. The whole thing was so super polished on Ultra Settings and so well optimised. Again, I left impressed and wanting to drive more, next time I’ll test it out with a wheel and see how that performs, the wheel is pretty terrible in the recent Forza Motrsport games so it will be interesting to see if Playground Games have added any of their own magic to the mix.

You can also discuss the recent demo and these video on our Forza 4 Forum thread.

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