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News Codemasters possibly working on multiple rally games for 2014


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Codemasters Racing has teased the possibility of the game developers producing and releasing more than one rally title in 2014.

Responding a user who quizzed the studio on the chances of there being a new DiRT game in the works, Codies mentioned that "not working on [just] one" such racing game is currently being developed by the company.

No definitive details as to what these games are were disclosed, but the statement does increase the possibilities of the much-speculated DiRT 4 being confirmed later this year (in a similar way to Grid 2's announcement last year), along with the possibility of a spin-off in a similar vein to Dirt Showdown.

It's also unknown if these new rally games are in any way linked to the "super-secret project" Codemasters briefly discussed a few months ago.

Should anything more concrete on these Codemasters-developed rally games be, we'll be covering them immediately here on Team VVV, so do keep your eyes peeled on our news page for the latest on these Codies titles and everything else to do with racing games.

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