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News Codemasters looking for early testers for “super-secret” racing game


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Codemasters has reached out to the racing game community, to help the the developers in an upcoming racing game project.

As stated in the latest entry to the Codemasters Blog, the racing game developer wishes to enlist the help of its core fanbase to assist with the development of a "super-exclusive, super-secret" upcoming title, via a one-off hands-on feedback session at Codemasters' Southam facilities in Warwickshire.

The possibilities as to what this title are literally endless, though – judging by the many references in the blog to the way Codemasters listened to the community feedback by adding the Demo Derby DLC and modding support to Grid 2 – it's possible the game in question could end up being either Grid 3 or a spin-off to the series in a similar vein to Dirt Showdown.

If you're interested in applying for a spot on this early access feedback session Codemasters will be hosting sometime soon, all the contact details and entrance requirements can be found at the bottom of the Codemasters Blog we've hyperlinked earlier in this news article.

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