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Today marks the release of a long-awaited title on many gamer's calendars. No, I'm not talking about the multi-million selling juggernaut that will inevitably be Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – since this is VVV, I'm talking, of course, about F1 Race Stars, Codemasters' forthcoming F1 karting spin-off.  

But, as usual, while the US can pick up F1 Race Stars right now, UK gamers will have to wait until Friday the 16th of November to find out if Codemasters' first dabble in the karting genre has paid off. While it gears up for launch, Codemasters have released a couple of new gameplay videos that showcase a selection of F1 Race Stars' pesky power-ups that will be at your disposal.

In an attempt to show that Codies have a sense of humour, each video is presented as a home TV shopping channel-esque parody, complete with nauseating narration, incomprehensible terms and conditions and gurning presenters in the form of F1 Race Stars' many cartoon caricatures of famous F1 drivers.

First up is the, erm, Bottle Rocket, a power-up that morphs your diddy F1 car into a giant fizzing bottle with enough fizz to propel you ahead of the pack. Now you can probably began to understand why I liken F1 Race Stars to watching F1 after smoking substances:

Slightly more in-line with the world of F1 is the KERs power-up. Avid players of F1 2012 will no doubt be familiar with how it works, but things are a little different in F1 Race Stars. In essence, it's your obligatory boost power-up, accessible by driving over corner markers – successfully driving over three consecutive markers will then fully charge your KERS meter, giving you a quick turbo boost. 

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