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News Codemasters claims upgraded damage features for GRID Autosport


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Game: GRID Autosport

Platform: PC, PS3, Switch, XB360

Publisher: Codemasters, Feral Interactive

Release Date: 19/09/2019 (Switch)

GRID Autosport will feature a more in-depth damage system in comparison with previous Grid games, according to developer Codemasters.

As detailed on the Codies Blog, Codemasters claims Autosport contains "several new features to our mechanical damage", as well as upgraded features from prior releases in the series.

Debuting in a Grid game is Autosport's all-new "wear and tear" system, where components will gradually degrade and "lose performance through general use. For example, constantly slamming on the brakes will result in increased brake fade, whilst over-revving the engine can affect gear shift times and even knock out gear ratios.

No details on how players will be able to repair or replace these worn-out components have been revealed at time of writing, though – considering Codemasters reckons features such as this have been added to "change your strategy when it comes to racing" – it seems this new feature has the most potential in Autosport's endurance race events.

The Grid franchise's renowned collision-based damage rendering also returns (albiet tweaked and upgraded) in Autosport, and covers a wide range of crucial car components: body roll control and steering precision will be affected by the state of the springs and dampers in the suspsension, malformed wheels can cause tyre blow-outs in more extreme cases, and it's possibly to ruin the powertrain and bodywork through violent collisions and aggressive wheel-to-wheel overtaking manoeuvres.

Rounding up the new damage-based details in GRID Autosport is the introduction of an all-new Team Radio system: instead of relying on automated voice-overs to catch up on what's going on in the race, players can request details of their overall performance and what state their car is in at the touch of a button.

More details on GRID Autosport are expected to be announced in the coming weeks, as we get nearer to the game's release date in June later this year, so do keep checking back to the Team VVV site for the latest Autosport info.

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