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News Codemasters “actively working on” GRiD 2, to be released after F1 2012


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We're big fans of the DiRT series, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. With 4 iterations of DiRT released on the current crop of consoles, it's disheartening to find Codemasters' flagship tarmac racer GRiD sorely neglected, with just 1 release since 2008.

Fortunately, we already know that Codemasters are hard at work on a sequel in addition to F1 2012 and F1 Online: The Game, but further confirmation has been discovered in the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine which states that Codemasters are "actively working on GRiD 2", with a release planned after F1 2012.

With F1 2012 scheduled to arrive in September, many are speculating that GRiD 2 will follow later in the year. To me this seems unlikely, however – Codemasters don't tend to compete with the Christmas market, and with Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Forza Horizon out towards the end of the year, arguably the two most anticipated racing games of the year, it would probably be unwise. We would therefore wager a 2013 release in conjunction with DiRT 4.

While it's reassuring to be reminded that GRiD 2 is in production, it still hasn't been officially announced despite its rumoured E3 appearance. As we discussed in our E3 preview, we're hoping that GRiD 2 will ditch the floaty arcade physics of its former self and adopt the more realistic handling from the glory days of TOCA Race Driver. With DiRT 4 reportedly going back to its simulation roots, we can only hope that next year will be a triumphant return to form for Codemasters.

Still, there's always Gamescom in August. Codemasters are said to be making some "big revefor F1 2012, so it wouldn't surprise us if they seiged the opportunity to formally announce GRiD 2.

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