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News Classic Monza features in latest Project CARS 2 screenshots


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It's September which means we are very close to one of our most anticipated racing title releases in years: Project CARS 2.

project cars 2 classic monza start finish straight nightThe marketing campaign for the title, releasing on September 22 across the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, has been in full swing for several weeks now. The very latest teaser from developer Slightly Mad Studios showcases the classic Monza track.

Monza has been home to the Italian Grand Prix for almost one hundred years and is a track which has undergone many changes. The classic version making it into Project CARS 2 is from 1967, three configurations in total are available to the player: the oval, the road track and the combined 10km track.

project cars 2 classic monza track layouts oval grand prix

The oval of course features the legendary banked curves which have claimed many lives. Built purely for speed, the oval track is sure to send a tingle down your spine as you tackle the very steep banked sections trusting your life to the laws of gravity.

Classic Monza will be joined by historic versions of Silverstone, Rouen Les Essarts and Hockenheimring.

You can view the very latest screenshots of the classic Monza track in the gallery below.

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