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Space Dust Studios have added their debut project, Space Dust Racers, to the popular crowd funding site, Kickstarter. The developers, based in Melbourne, Australia, describe their upcoming racer as a "combat racing party game". The game is a throwback to old classics such as Micro Machines and Rock N' Roll Racing, and will be making its way, at some point, to the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 platforms.

Space Dust Racers is set in a post-human future and races take place on far away planets outside of our own Milky Way galaxy. You'll have a plethora of crazy weapon power-ups at your disposal to keep one step ahead of your rivals. Along with the standard multiplayer options, the game also features up to 16 local players, you can even use your smartphone or laptop as a controller which is a useful feature (I mean who owns 16 controllers right? Then again who has 16 friends?!). Michael Davies from Space Dust Studios talks us through the game in more detail in the video below.

So far the game features just a few characters and vehicles but Space Dust Studios are looking to expand these numbers with help from Kickstarter backers. There's lots of weapons already though including the shark missile, ouchie rockets and space lube with more on the way. It's unclear just how many tracks will make it into Space Dust Racers at this early stage but different weather conditions have been confirmed which should mix up the action nicely.

Three game modes have so far been confirmed:

  • Knockout: Free-for-all deathmatch. Earn a point for every racer you take out. Rewarding aggression, this mode is complete mayhem and is great for beginners.
  • Leader: Leader of the pack steals all kill points. As the leader, it's you versus everyone else! This mode rewards skillful driving.
  • Survival: Be the last alien standing to earn a point. This mode involves many layers of tactics and counter tactics, suiting experienced players.

Space Dust Studios are asking for AUD $128,000 and have so far raised just over $4,000 with some thirty days left to go.

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