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News Changes Coming to iRacing’s Blancpain Sprint Series


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iRacers have been voting for changes to be made on the ever popular Blancpain Sprint Series for the upcoming season, that is due to start on the 6th June. The changes include a short qualifying session before the start of the race and to have a mandatory pitstop, to follow suit with the series in the real world. iRacing staff have followed the posts to see what the community have said and they have decided to give the green light to both of the changes that have been suggested, with over 60% of the votes, on each of the polls, supporting the idea.

I’m happy that the qualifying change is being put in to be included in the race sessions, just like it in the Endurance Series for the 3hr races. The only improvement that I could think of getting the numbers for qualifying up, is by having a rule that if you don’t set a qualifying time you should have to start in the pitlane. Just so you can be encourage to fight for your position throughout the race and not being behind the pack by a number of seconds back.

On the other hand, the mandatory pitstop is something that I’m still on the fence. Everyone will just add fuel, as changing tyres during the pitstop will add time and will cost you many positions in the race. If there was a rule to say that you need to take 2 tyres and fuel, then that would make it so much more interesting with the different strategies that the iRacers could take.

But what do you think? Does putting qualifying before the race a smart move? Is the mandatory pitstop going to add any spice to the racing? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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