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News Challenging old-school racer Syncloop appears on Steam Greenlight


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Syncloop is an old-school fast-paced minimalist racing game that is currently seeking your vote on Steam's Greenlight programme.

Syncloop is set in the year 2150, Earth is in chaos and people are desperate to colonise a newly discovered planet named New Earth. Only the best minds were chosen to populate this new planet which lead to massive conflict. In order to contain the uproar the government set up a programme called Syncloop. Syncloop is a racing sport, held monthly, and broadcasted worldwide where pilots put their life on the line for the reward of getting a ticket to the New Earth.

Syncloop is played from a retro isometric viewpoint and the race course you must try your best to keep within comes complete with some rather challenging 90 degree corners. To keep the action going at a swift rate, your ship will get faster and faster for each lap completed. Check out the trailer below.

Syncloop is all about trial and error, the controls are simple to get to grips with and yet hard to master. The racer features more than 40 challenging levels, two main modes and a techno soundtrack. Developer Joga Loca currently have plans to add a level editor although it's not clear whether it will make it into the game or not at this point.

You can give Syncloop the thumbs up on Steam's Greenlight programme by visiting this link, what do you make of the old-school racer?

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