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Facebook isn't exactly renowned for racing games. Last time I checked, you have Car Town, a sort of car collecting management sim with cutsey car models and StreetRally, a top-down racing game that was notable for featuring real-time competitive multiplayer. 

Both games have proven hugely popular, and are fun in their own right as simple office procrastination tools – Car Town even has literally hundreds of licensed cars, as the Internet Games Car Database will testify. Neither game can really be compared to a big budget console racing experience, but then this wasn't their intention.

Enter Carnage Racing, a new fully 3D Facebook racing title by Jagex, the developers of Runescape. They do have some racing pedigree, though, as Jagex was founded by former developers of Rockstar's Midnight Club series.

As the title suggests, the emphasis is on destructive combat racing, featuring cars with mounted weapons and the obligatory experience points system which can be used to buy new vehicles, weapons and additional perks.

In essence, it looks to be doing for Facebook what Real Racing 3 is doing for iOS, i.e. attempting to provide a console-quality experience to broader platforms.

"With Carnage Racing, we are determined to offer a console-like experience which capitalises on Facebook's vast network to match player's race after race, in what promises to be the best 3D racer on Facebook," producer Arash Amini commented.

"Carnage Racing perfectly blends arcade style gameplay mechanics with AAA graphics to give racing fans a Facebook gaming experience like no other. With a vast array of customisation, upgrades and an army of waiting competitors, Carnage Racing is set to change the way people think about racing games on Facebook.”

We think Arash may have exaggerated Carnage Racing's "AAA graphics" just a tad – they may well have been considered AAA graphics around ten years ago. 

Nonetheless, Carnage Racing is looking impressive for a browser-based game, although we await to see how it looks in motion. Speaking of browser-based racing games, let's also not forget that the standard has arguably already been set by Codemasters' F1 Online: The Game, but Carnage Racing could well hold its own within Facebook.

Carnage Racing will be free to play on Facebook next month – you can sign up to take part in their next beta test on their official page

Do you see Facebook viable future platform for racing games? Have your say in the comments below, or you can post on our Facebook page and forum.

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