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Game: Carmageddon Max Damage

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Stainless Games

Release Date: 08/07/2016

Today's release of Carmageddon Max Damage on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One signals the first time a Carmageddon title has been released on console for seventeen years.

Carmageddon Max Damage once again gives players the opportunity to mow down a vast range of pedestrians in a variety of ways thanks to the games impressive tally of 90 powerups which include “Give Me Head” which decapitates nearby pedestrians or maybe you prefer the “Anvil Launcher” which fires a giant Acme-esque anvil at your opponents.

Carmageddon Max Damage features a lengthy career mode complete with 16 chapters with each consisting of a number of events. Online multiplayer too is included which should provide plenty of fun moments, and you've also got the chance to do whatever you please in the free play mode.

The destruction based title features over 10 environments which range in style from city areas to dusty canyons and sizes between large open world areas to smaller arenas. Six game event types will keep you occupied for some time, of course the Classic Carma mode has been included which gives you three ways to win: run over all pedestrians, destroy all opponents or complete the required number of laps.

Elsewhere the Death Races will see you complete in a tense three-lap race, Ped Chase will have you hunting down a specific pedestrian, Checkpoint Stampede will see you rushing around the map to get to the next random checkpoint, you'll be using cat and mouse tactics in the Fox 'N' Hounds mode and rounding out the six is the Car Crusher event where you score for wrecking your foes.

Carmageddon Max Damage is available right now on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms with a PC version to follow shortly.

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