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News Car upgrades and customisation options coming to World of Speed


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Game: World of Speed

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: Ideasoft Interactive

Release Date: 22/08/2017

World of Speed will feature a vast array of cosmetic and performance upgrade components, developer Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed.

As stated on the official World of Speed website, Slightly Mad has implemented the customisation options to primarily allow players to "make their cars a true representation of themselves", along with improving the competitiveness of their chosen vehicle.

Visually, players will be able to tinker with their autos through a variety of different ways: paintschemes and graphics designs can be implemented through the in-game decal and livery editors, whereas bodywork additions range from bumpers and bonnets to wheel rim designs and even headlamp types.

Performance-enhancing components will also be available, with examples cited in the release text including upgraded tyre types, nitrous tanks, improved engine parts and beefed-up suspension pieces.

Interestingly, Slightly Mad alludes to performance limitations being in place for at least some of World of Speed's game types: for instance, players wishing to enter the race with a power boost may have to counter that advantage by adding extra ballast to their car.

Slightly Mad does stress, however, that such restrictions won't apply to cosmetic additions, with the cited reason being: "if we allowed visual tuning to affect the car's performance, it would limit the player's creative freedom".

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