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News Car Mechanic Simulator debuts on Nintendo Switch


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Simulation games have enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years – even to the point where a Farming Simulator Esports series can dish out €250,000 in prize money.

Car Mechanic Simulator meanwhile has attracted more than 12 million players across the PC and mobile devices so it seems a logical step that they should debut the series on Nintendo’s Switch.

Car Mechanic Simulator on the Switch keeps things simple: you won’t need to know about the automotive industry to enjoy the game. You can replace broken parts, paint bodywork, and navigate around the workshop with absolute ease.

Car Mechanic Simulator features 20 different types of cars ranging from classic to modern with a variety of fixes required. You’ll need to check the condition of each vehicle and replace a range of parts gaining reputation, new customers and money as you progress.

Defects can be observed in the engine, body, exhaust, brake or suspension system. Impressively, each car has more than 100 parts that can be replaced. After having detected and fixed the fault, you’ll clean the car’s body from rust and then give it a fresh coat of paint before selling it for a profit.

Ever fancied yourself as a virtual mechanic? If so Car Mechanic Simulator is available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop for £14.99/€14.99 /$14.99.

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